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    Product display > LXS Screw Wash-sand Machine

Usage: The screw wash-sand machir>e applies lo field work like waging, classification and decontamination, etc. in industries like metallurgy, building materials and hydropower generation, etc., suitable for washing & selection work of fine-grained and coarse-grained materials (river sand & mountain sand for construction, mountain flour of quarry and machine-made sand & gravel for road-building in particular). Also, it' s broadly applied for de-slimir>g work in construction sites, sand factories, concentration plant and hydropower generation sites that consume large amount of sand & gravel, taking the lead among the domestic range of products. Operatiog Principle: The screw wash-sand machine adopts slanting installation, and forms the rinsing pool under the inclined water tank. l>ve head of screw rotor is placed within the water lank. The electromotor decelerates through the reducer and drives the rotor rotation, stirring sand in the water for cleaning. As the sand (and gravel) material features large specific gravity artd sinks into the bottom, the screw rotor blades convey the clean sand (and gravel} to the outlet, and the water flows down to the rinsing poo! along the slope. Slime and debris feature relatively small specific gravity, and are discharged from the outlet at the bottom of the rinsir>g pool into the sedimentation tank together with the water. In the rinsing process, the machine shall be continuously injected with clean water in order to achieve constant rinsing and corr^lete functions of rinsir>g. dehydration and classification. Feature : 1. Wide range of application environment, brief structure, stable operation, and electric power conservation. 2. Low faille rate, few quick一wear parts, and low cost. 3. The bearing of wash-sand machirte is fully separated from water and materials, avoiding damage phenomena caused by early-stage contamination & rusting of machine. 4. Little material l〇$s. high washing efficiency, fully meeting requiremems of high-class materials. 5. The machine is divided by single-screw structure and dual-screw structure.

Technic Parameters

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